Mljet - stunning beauty of nature

Island of Mljet is famous for its natural beauty. North-western third is a national park, highly protected area due to its flora and fauna, landscapes, geological and cultural values. Woodland covered island with many little villages, ports and beaches is probably the most beautiful island in Adriatic. There are 2 connected salty lakes and in the centre of one is a smaller forested island with a Benedictine monastery. It is not surprising that these mystical beauties of the nature are the source for many legends that date back in Ancient times. According to that, Mljet is mystical island Ogygia where Odysseus spent 7 years with nymph Calypso. Another legend tells us that Apostle Paul on his trip back to Rome visited Mljet. Many Illyrian and Roman ruins remind us that the island was inhabited from the ancient times. Beside natural beauty and interesting history, Mljet with its sandy beaches, picturesque villages, Dalmatian gastronomy is definitely worth a trip.
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