Lastovo - unspoiled nature

Lastovo is beautiful island located in the south of Croatia, in the region of Dalmatia. It attracts numerous tourists with its natural beuties and clean, transparent sea. Inland you can find many olive tree fields and vineyards, as well as dense green forests. Lastovo, the town is an old medieval place with long and interesting history. All around the island you can find bays and holiday resorts. The most famous of them are Zaklopatica and Pasadur in the Notrh, Skrivena luka and Ubli in the South. Lastovo is surrounded by 46 small islands with absolutely untuched nature. The climate is mild with warm and humid winters and hot, dry and long summers. As the sea around Lastovo is extremely rich with fish and seafood you will be delighted with their marvelous gastronomic offer.
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